How it Works

How It Works - Scarp Car Removal for Cash

A car can become unfit to be taken on the road owing to a mixture of reasons. For example, it can be the fact of damage, registration, beyond maintenance or something else that may render your car useless. Consequently, it will bear the tag of a scrap car. If it remains parked in the backyard or likewise it will hardly serve you any good. On the contrary, it will merely continue occupying space and lay rusting. However, for us it can have a few uses, such as, recycling, stripping to acquire some parts.

You can get cash for unwanted cars from us as easy as pie. All you need is to inform us that you have a vehicle that is of no use for you. We will seek a few details before we can plan a suitable time to come to rescue your from the heap of debris. Having finalized the time, our driver will reach your place with towing truck, along with necessary removing tools. Then, the driver will request you to present a photo id to fill up forms of the receipt book to give you a receipt that you have given up your car to us. Next, the driver will surrender the registration plates to you so that you can submit it to the RTA, enclosed with our receipt. Afterwards, he will pay the money in exchange of your vehicle.

This is how we pay cash for scrap cars Sydney. Finally, the car will be towed away without costing you a cent. If you are rather interested in acquiring a Certificate of Destruction, you have to contact the recycling unit. However, it is possible sometimes that we may seek a bit of extra time in reaching you due to our prior engagements of helping fellow citizens in the same manner. Regarding what happens with your car, we take it to a recycling facility to revert it to metal so that it can be used again. On the other hand, the recycling notion is rather a soothing element for our environment.